Autumn Conference Manchester 29 October 2016 – Jenny Baker “Crest Jewel of Wisdom”

Jenny Baker, the President of the Theosophical Society in England, will be our speaker at the North West Autumn Conference in Manchester on Saturday 29 October.

She will give two talks starting at 1.45 pm at The Quaker Meeting House, 6 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS
Jenny has served on the Executive Committee for many years and is a Director of The Foundation for Theosophical Studies, the charitable branch of the TSE.She has also run the Theosophical Summer School for the last 12 years.

Her talks will be based on

Sankaracharya’s Crest-Jewel of Wisdom which is a practical and inspiring guide to life.

Its teachings……the shared realizations of an enlightened god-man….. tell us the laws by which we may “untie the bonds of unwisdom,” and thus be evermore free.  It helps us to come to know and partake of the majestic power, light, and universal kinship of the Divine within us.  It teaches that this is our birthright as humans, and our passport to grander attainments in vaster spheres of consciousness.

All welcome. Tea and Biscuits provided.

THE ROOTS OF WISDOM – One Day Event – Sat 1 October – Leeds


THE ROOTS OF WISDOM – New takes on timeless truths
A one-day conference at Mill Hill Chapel, City Square, Leeds LS1 5EB.
Click here to see a map.

Saturday 1st October 2016. 9.00am – 5.00pm


We live at a critical turning point in global and human affairs. A new kind of spirituality is emerging based on very powerful ancient ideas known as the Ageless Wisdom. This knowledge predates religion, philosophy and science and offers a logical and comprehensive explanation for human and cosmic evolution.

This event, featuring some of the country’s best communicators of this wisdom, will look at how science and spirituality are converging, how human beings can gain a greater understanding of the way they and the universe work and how each of us can achieve a greater degree of self-development.

All day tickets £10 (includes coffee and tea).

PLEASE bring a packed lunch. Hot drinks will be provided

Booking essential email:

PLEASE maken cheques payable to ‘Leeds Theosophical Society’ and send it to:
Tim Wyatt, 3 Lock Cottages, Beck ane, Bingley, West Yorks BD16 4DT
For further information contact Tim Wyatt on 07836 654591.
9.00 am ARRIVALS
9.30 am Introduction and Welcome Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
9.45 am Spiritual Development & the Battleground of the Emotions Ted Capstick (Chester)

10.45 am COFFEE

11.00 am Spirituality for Realists Karen Wallwork (Sidmouth)

12.00pm The Myth of Death: A Lightning Introduction Tim Wyatt (Bradford)

12.30-1.20pm LUNCH
1.20 pm Re-energising Session
1.25 pm Your Health: It’s All in the Etheric Teresa Keast (Chester)
2.25 pm The Convergence of Science & Spirituality Ron Wallwork (Sidmouth)

3.15 pm TEA

3.30 pm The Cyclical Nature of Man, the Earth and the Cosmos Romey Barnes (Chester)
4.30-5.00pm Questions, Answers and Discussion invloving a panel of all the Speakers








Trans Pennine Weekend 22-24 April 2016 programme



Registration from 4 pm

6.30 pm Dinner

8.0 pm.  Welcome and Formal Opening

8.15 ” Transcendental Symbolism” Maureen Ford


9.15 “The Way of the Mystic -Ascent through Love and Beauty” Wayne Gatfield

10.00 “The Burning Ground”  Noeline Hart

11.15 “The Souls Progress through the Zodiac Part One” Ted Capstick


Free Time

4.15 pm “The Spiritual Athlete” Cynthia Trasi

5.0 pm “Truth -A Theosophical Quest” Susan Bayliss


8.30 pm Theosophical Evening


9.15 am “From Darkness to Light”  Jenny Baker

11.0 am “The Souls Progress through the Zodiac Part Two” Ted Capstick


1.45 pm “The Voice of the Eternal”  Hugh Agnew

2.30 Closing Thoughts Refreshments and Farewells



Trans Pennine Weekend Whalley Abbey 22-24 April 2016


The theme for this weekend is “The Aspirants Challenge and The Souls Purpose”

Our Main Guest Speaker this year is Ted Capstick and he will be giving 2 talks.

image Saturday’s talk is “The Souls Progress through the Zodiac”  Part one and Part two will be on Sunday.

Day Visitors are welcome from 9 am both days.

For full details email Maureen Atkinson or ring 01282 422278

Information about Whalley abbey can be found here…

The weekend is sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical studies

Daily rates are £30 including a 3 course lunch and all refreshments.



Saturday 31 October Autumn Conference 2015

North West Federation Autumn Conference 2015 is held this year at Bolton Unitarian Chapel

Our Guest Speaker is Gary Kidgell from Scotland and his Theme including 2 talks is

The Inner Journey – Pathway to the Higher Self”



This is based on his recent book of the same title and copies will be available for sale on the day.

Starts 2.0 pm Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU

Please use car parks at the bottom of Crown Street

27th June 2015 – Spring Conference in Merseyside with Scott Olsen

This spring we will be having our Spring Conference at


(link to directions)

with the author

Scott A Olsen, PhD

scott-olsen professor of philosophy and comparative religion at the University of Central Florida,who is giving the following talks:

2.00pm: Yoga, Dreams and Other States of Consciousness

An important picture of consciousness is emerging out of the combined efforts of consciousness research (transpersonal psychology, NDEs, OBEs and dreams), parapsychology (human and animal research), indigenous spiritual practices (non-ordinary states of shamans), esoteric and yogic practices of the perennial wisdom traditions, and deep insights into quantum mechanics (nonlocality and superposition) and the brain (microtubules).


and, after a “Bring and Share” Vegetarian Tea at 3.00pm

3.45pm Consciousness, Resonance and Self-Identity.

Consciousness is a great mystery of humanity. Like life itself, it may result from resonance between the Divine (whole) and nature (parts) exquisitely tuned by fractal properties of the Golden Ratio. Resonance with increasingly inclusive states of awareness may ultimately lead to “golden” quantum coherence, Samadhi, or the cosmic conscious identification with the awareness of the Universe Itself.

Dr Olsen is also giving other talks during his visit to the UK (see below)

For further details telephone: 01282 42278 or 0151 638 5390 “at” or hcarroll1 “at”
Sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies: Registered Charity No 1014648

Dr. Olsen is giving other talks around the UK during his visit:
11th June “The Golden Section – Natures Greatest Secret” Blavatsky L.
14th June 2pm H. Q. London “The New Renaissance: Peak Experiences & the Quest for the Holy Grail”
 At 6pm “OBES, NDS and other Transformative States of Consciousness”
15th June “Consciousness, Transpersonal & Transformative States of
 Spiritual Experience” Camberley
 16th June “Buddha, Plato and the Path to Enlightenment” Bristol
17th June to Wales to Alan Boxall he will take Scott to Swansea and Bangor 
 18th June 11.00am “Golden Section/Sacred Geometetry” Swansea 
 23rd June “The Da Vinci Code: View from an Esoteric Perspective” Bangor
25th June “ Consciousness, Transpersonal & Transformative States of 
 Spiritual Experience” Colwyn Bay
24th June “ Basic Principles of Sacred Geometry” Chester site
27th jun Conference Scott Olsen Merseyside (as shown above)

28th June “Alchemy: The Great Work of Spiritual Transformation” Bolton site
 9th – 10th Oct Southern Federation Conference (provisional) Sidmouth
18th – 23rd Oct. European School of Theosophy Birmingham