11 October Living the K.I.S.S. Principle – Keeping it Spiritually Simple

imageThe talk at Bolton 11 October is by visiting speaker Mike Pendragon and the title is “Living the K.I.S.S. Principle” – Keeping it Spiritually Simple

“There is talking spirituality and responsibility and there is LIVING it. The two are not the same and are constantly confused” – David Icke

Mike Pendragon – “The Druid Dude”

MIKE PENDRAGON was born in Manchester in February1948. A post graduate student of the University of Life, he believes that the best spiritual principles are like himself – simple ! Believing that religous dogma and ritual have all too often built the walls that divide us, he has developed his own brand of “back to basics” spirituality with which many people can identify. In 1998 , with his late wife Jan, he created the One Vision Virtual Community , bringing together people from all belief systems to work together for the benefit of all. Jan and Mike later worked closely with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God trilogy, giving talks and hosting empowerment weekends. They moved to Anglesey in 2002, choosing to live a quiet, simple life on Holy Island. Following Jan’s passing in 2013 Mike moved back to Manchester. Often irreverent, occasionally controversial, but rarely, if ever boring, his unique blend of home-spun with and wisdom guarantees to provide everyone with food for thought.


All welcome. 2.30 start. Refreshments provided. £3 Minimum Donation please.

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St.entrances