2015 Spring/Summer Programme

January 25th AGM and Meal at Indian afterwards

Feb 8.                 Love your Enemies :
The Message of The Sermon on the Mount.
Wayne Gatfield

Feb 22                 Everyday Ritual and Magical Practices.
Workshop 1
David Solomon

Mar 8.                 Mystic or Occultist: the True Nature of the Esoteric
Ted Capstick * sponsored by foundation

Mar 22                The Gnostic gospel of Mary.
Stephen Lingwood

April 12              Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way to Enlightenment
Tony Mcneille

April 26              The Highest Purpose of Man.
Roy Forman

May 10                White Lotus Day Music Readings & Meditation

May 24                Ley Lines and Serpent Paths.
Julian Websdale

June 14                New Hope for Humanity:
The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom.
Carol Baxter & Anne Barr

June 28               Alchemy: The Great work of Spiritual Transformation
Scott Olsen * sponsored by the foundation

July 12.               Hidden Forces and Latent Human Powers
Tim Wyatt * sponsored by the foundation


Easter Sunday 5 April