26 June 2016 The Law of Synthesis – keynote of the Aquarian Age Cate McMahon

This Sundays Talk at 2.30 pm is by Speaker Cate McMahon and is entitled ” Law of Synthesis / keynote of the Aquarian Age”

Cate describes herself “as a student on an inner spiritual path where I am learning the skills of spirit and my relationship with the universe and cosmos.”

Cate is a member of the Theosophical society and is presently joint secretary for Manchester Lodge.

The talk will explore the energy of this sign of the zodiac and its keynote “ Waters of life am I poured forth for thirsty humanity”


Aquarius, the energy of the New Era, Service, Networking, Synthesis or Synergy

It is time for a new brotherhood which will carry us forward into synthesis and unity
All Welcome. Refreshments provided.

Minimum £3 donation please

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU