29th June 2013 – Spring Conference in Manchester.

Spring Conference  Saturday 29th June 2 – 5pm

Venue:   The Quaker Meeting House. Mount Street,  Manchester (Link to Map and Directions)

 Guest Speaker   Janet Hoult    (Nottingham) hoult

2.00pm ‘An investigation of mankind’s divine nature and spiritual makeup,
based on the booklet by E.L.Gardner, published in 1960, and also looking at the context with regard to the piece In the Secret Doctrine from which it is taken’.

3pm Tea will be a vegetarian ‘Bring and Share’

‘Dragons of wisdom, angels, arupa devas – they have many names and
in this talk we will be looking at some aspects of this hierarchy of celestial beings. What is their nature, and do they affect us directly? This talk will also include Bodhisattvas and the ‘Sons of the Dragon’
Admission £5 Concessions £3.

Maureen Atkinson 01282 422278 mla.gold at yahoo.co.uk

Sarah Lucas – 01942 608368

Download a Publicity Leaflet here nwts.


Please note that the day after, June 30th, Janet is giving a further talk at the Blackburn Lodge in Padiham (details), on

“Dragons and Initiates”

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