A Special Event

The Path into the Mysteries


This talk is designed to help people understand the prerequisites that guide an individual into the mysteries of enlightenment. The ancient principles governing the Path will be closely examined, as well as the changing nature of consciousness that inevitably occurs at each step leading to enlightenment and liberation. The formulas for initiation, methods to free oneself from the veils of illusion that cloud the mind from recognizing the soul, and the opening of the Eye of Vision (third eye) are just a few of the many topics presented. This presentation is most suitable for people who realise that an understanding of the Path is helpful when trying to walk it.

This event is hosted by the Southport Branch of the Theosophical Society and our guest speaker is William Meader, a very popular, international lecturer, who is a deep student of the Theosophical teachings.

When:   November 9th 2016

Time:    6.45pm – 9.30pm (refreshments provided during the break)

Cost:     £10 (pre-booking advised to reserve a seat)

 Venue:  Friends Meeting House (Liverpool)

22 School Lane
Liverpool, L1 3BT 

Further Information:  Noeline Hart   Email: noeline@live.co.uk or tel:07854110800