Ancient Eastern Practices and their Relevance to the Modern Westerner. Talk on 12th Feb 2012.

Has the modern secular or religious Westerner anything to gain by following medieval (and older) Eastern spiritual practices? – This speaker, David Solomon from Horwich, says yes, if they are brought up to date, allowing for the very different Western culture and psychology.

Part one of this two-part talk discusses an updated teaching based on an ancient Taoist practise, designed to entrain the Westerner in the universal flow, leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Part two, to be scheduled, will discuss a way of analysing one’s situation in that flow, to provide the opportunities and techniques to change direction and outcome in a harmonious and predictable way. This teaching is based on an updating of medieval Kaballah.

For those unable to attend the talk, or who wish to read around the subject in more practical detail, full information may be found on this website (click).