April 12 Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way to Enlightenment

The talk on April 12 is “ Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way to tonym3Enlightenment”

The speaker is Tony Mcneille

The teachings of George Gurdjieff are at the core of all that is most profound in religions, philosophies, and esoteric knowledge. He presents us with practical, uncompromising self-discovery, self-realization and self-transcendence.

Gurdjieff said the following about his ideas: “This teaching is for those who are not satisfied with what they have found in life and who feel that there must be something else beside success and failure in life and beyond what they have been taught in school and by their upbringing.”

All welcome. 2.30 pm start. £3 minimum donation please. Refreshments provided.

Bank Street Chapel School Room. Crown Street or Bank Street entrances. BOLTON BL1 2RU