May 13th – White Lotus Day

In her will, HPB (the founder of the Theosophical Society) suggested that her friends might gather together on the anniversary of her passing (May 8, 1891) and read from Sir Edwin Arnold’s The Light of Asia and from The Bhagavad-Gita. Lotuses grew in unusual profusion one year later. Hence, May 8th became known as White Lotus Day.

This custom continues in the lodges of the TS, where the meeting closest in time to the anniversary of  HPB’s passing becomes a celebration.

Those attending on this day have the opportunity of reading a few moments-worth of spiritual poetry, or a paragraph from some favourite spiritual book.

Come and take part — or just listen. And drink tea!

The Baha’i Faith, and the search for Truth and Unity: Talk on Feb 26th 2012

Carlo Schroder, from Lancaster University, has said that he believes that reason and faith do not contradict each other but are two mutually reinforcing means to comprehend reality.

The Baha’i principle of the harmony between science and religion highlights this matter. According to this principle, Science, without religion, will lead mankind into an age of materialism and can be abused to produce dangerous and destructive developments. This is of course contrary to the purpose of science, which is to be of benefit to humankind. Pursuit of religion without a belief in science,  on the other hand,  is going to result in blind superstition.

Therefore, Baha’is believe that science and religion must not contradict each other, for they need one another.