N.W. Federation Autumn Conference Saturday 28 October

We are pleased to welcome Leslie Price from London to the Autumn Conference this year.

Leslie Price is the founder and associate editor of “Theosophical History’ and ‘Psypioneer” Journals.  He is also past editor of “The Christian Parapsychologist” Journal.

He was the secretary of the first Society for Psychical Research in 1977, and served on the SPR’s Library Ctte and as a member of council, and is currently an honorary member.

There will be two talks at Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool, L3 1BT


HPB made numerous contributions to the revised history of Humanity, especially in her great work “The Secret Doctrine.”  The study of history can be both inspiring and disillusioning and we can learn on the Spiritual Path from the successes and failures of those who have gone before.



The 3rd Object of the Theosophical Society founded in 1875 was to investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.  How does this differ from the work of the Society for Psychical Research or the practise of Magic or Psychism? This talk illustrates the distinctive theosophical approach, and some pitfalls to be avoided.

For further details, please ring Maureen on 01282 422278 or Heather on 0151 638 5390

or email mla.gold@yahoo.co.uk

All welcome



October 8th “The Souls Odyssey” Hugh Agnew

Warm welcome to Bolton Lodge for our speaker on 8 October – Hugh AGNEW.

Hugh is currently the president of the Northwest Federation, and of Merseyside Lodge.
Hugh will be talking about “The Souls Odyssey”


All Welcome. 2.30pm start.

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Criwn St or Bank St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU

Refreshments provided. Minimum £3 donation for the talk please.


24 September “Love” David Solomon

This Sunday’s talk at Bolton Theosophy Group is a Workshop run by one of our most popular speakers David Solomon.

This will be a workshop on LOVE incorporating a lovingkindness meditation.
Audience participation welcomed.

David is interested in different viewpoints being expressed.

Discussion welcome.

Usual time, 2.30pm

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Crown St or Bank St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU

All welcome. £3 minimum Donation please.



Sept 10th “The Simple Life” Maureen Ford

The meeting this Sunday is by speaker Maureen Ford from Liverpool.

The title of her talk is “The Simple Life”

Maureen writes beautiful poetry and is an experienced speaker on the Ancient Wisdom, and we look forward to hearing her talk.

It begins as usual at 2.30.

Bank street chapel school room, Crown Street or Bank street entrances, BOLTON, BL1 1TS

Donations minimum £3 please. All welcome. Refreshments available.

Bolton Autumn Programme 2017

Bolton lodge dates Autumn 2017

All talks begin at 2.30 pm and All are Welcome

Refreshments provided

September 10        Maureen Ford. “The Simple Life”

September 24        David Solomon “Love”

October 8               Hugh Agnew “The Souls Odyssey”

October 22             Ted Capstick “The Third Eye and its opening in Spiritual Development”

November 12          Cynthia Trasi “So many paths that wind and wind”.

November 26          Don Atkinson. “Meanderings of an old Theosophist”


Mike Pendragon “The “G” word – Has organised religion given God a bad name?”

The last meeting of our Spring/Summer programme at Bolton Theosophy group is by Mike Pendragon and is entitled “The “G” word – Has organised religion given God a bad name?”

In light of recent events it should be a relevant talk and discussion afterwards.

Our emphasis in Theosophy is that of Brotherhood which is so badly needed today.

The meeting begins at 2.30pm.

All Welcome.

£3 members £4 non members Donation please.

Bank St Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU



June 25 “Cycles of Eternity ” Tim Wyatt

The speaker at this Sundays meeting at 2.30 pm is Tim Wyatt from Leeds Lodge.

He has recently had another book published called “Cycles Of Eternity” ….Summary Below

“Getting to grips with eternity and understanding its interlocking laws can be a tough old business.

But don’t worry there is a solution both for newcomers and seasoned practitioners of the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

Author and ex-journalist Tim Wyatt has condensed the essential ingredients of Theosophy into an internationally-acclaimed book Cycles Of Eternity.

In this talk he will be exploring how the many cycles of life – some lasting fractions of a second and others trillions of years – are crucial to the evolution of the cosmos and ourselves as members of the human project.

Everything from a sub-atomic particle to a galaxy mirrors this pattern.

Nothing escapes its grip.

Find out more”

All Welcome. Refreshments Provided. £3 minimum Donation please

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St entrances BOLTON BL1 2RU

Spring Conference Saturday 24 June 2 pm Preston Quaker Meeting House

We are pleased to welcome as our Conference Speaker this year Cynthia Trasi from Bradford.

          Cynthia will be giving two talks…..

The first at 2pm is “Timeless Moments: Glimpses of the Divine”

“A timeless moment is a moment of Epiphany when for a slice in time we gasp in wonder at the immensity and power of the Divine.  We will look at common charecteristics & different interpretations of such moments. 

3.00pm Bring and Share Vegetarian Tea.


Talk Two: 3.45pm  “Synchronicity: Unlocking Inner Potential”

We have all experienced events that might be considered amazing or uncanny.  The “little voice” deep inside, or that gut feeling, are forms of communication that usually turn out to be well worth heeding. We can come to influence those forces and create our own set of coincidences – if we pay attention!” 

Quaker Meeting House, St.Georges Road, PRESTON PR1 6NQ

Further details Maureen Atkinson 01282 422278 or mla.gold@yahoo.co.uk

Channeling and Early Theosophical Teachings by Kath Mugan June 11

This weeks talk is by Kath Mugan from Oldham – Channeling and Early Theosophical Literature.

Kath is a long standing member of the Theosophical Society and has given us numerous talks in the past.

This time she focuses on Channeling, what it is and how early Theosophical Literature came into existence this way from the Tibetan Masters to Chelas such as Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.


All Welcome. We meet at 2.30pm in Bank Street Chapel School Room, Crown St or Bank St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU

Refreshments provided

Admission £3 Members, £4 Non members

White Lotus Day May 29th

Traditionally, once a year, as near as possible to May 8th ( her death), Theosophists gather to honour the founder of the Theosophical Society, H.P.Blavatsky, who brought the Ancient Wisdom Teachings to the West.

We call this meeting “WHITE LOTUS DAY” and celebrate with snippets of music, spiritual readings and Meditations.

Please bring along any inspirational reading if you would like to contribute – about 3-5 minutes in length.

All Welcome. 2.30pm start.

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St entrances, BOLTON, BL1 2RU

Refreshments provide.

Minimum £3 donation please.