31st July – 7th August 2015 – National Summer School

This year the summer school will be at the historic hotel

Hillscourt, Rose Hill, Rednall, Birmingham B45 8RS (link)

HillscourtThe Guest Speaker, Tim Boyd, is the international president of the T.S, and the theme of the summer school is

“The Relevance of Theosophy – Spirituality in Daily Living.”

TimBoydOther speakers will be announced closer to the time.

27th June 2015 – Spring Conference in Merseyside with Scott Olsen

This spring we will be having our Spring Conference at


(link to directions)

with the author

Scott A Olsen, PhD

scott-olsen professor of philosophy and comparative religion at the University of Central Florida,who is giving the following talks:

2.00pm: Yoga, Dreams and Other States of Consciousness

An important picture of consciousness is emerging out of the combined efforts of consciousness research (transpersonal psychology, NDEs, OBEs and dreams), parapsychology (human and animal research), indigenous spiritual practices (non-ordinary states of shamans), esoteric and yogic practices of the perennial wisdom traditions, and deep insights into quantum mechanics (nonlocality and superposition) and the brain (microtubules).


and, after a “Bring and Share” Vegetarian Tea at 3.00pm

3.45pm Consciousness, Resonance and Self-Identity.

Consciousness is a great mystery of humanity. Like life itself, it may result from resonance between the Divine (whole) and nature (parts) exquisitely tuned by fractal properties of the Golden Ratio. Resonance with increasingly inclusive states of awareness may ultimately lead to “golden” quantum coherence, Samadhi, or the cosmic conscious identification with the awareness of the Universe Itself.

Dr Olsen is also giving other talks during his visit to the UK (see below)

For further details telephone: 01282 42278 or 0151 638 5390
mla.gold “at” yahoo.co.uk or hcarroll1 “at” ntlworld.com
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Dr. Olsen is giving other talks around the UK during his visit:
11th June “The Golden Section – Natures Greatest Secret” Blavatsky L.
14th June 2pm H. Q. London “The New Renaissance: Peak Experiences & the Quest for the Holy Grail”
 At 6pm “OBES, NDS and other Transformative States of Consciousness”
15th June “Consciousness, Transpersonal & Transformative States of
 Spiritual Experience” Camberley
 16th June “Buddha, Plato and the Path to Enlightenment” Bristol
17th June to Wales to Alan Boxall he will take Scott to Swansea and Bangor 
 18th June 11.00am “Golden Section/Sacred Geometetry” Swansea 
 23rd June “The Da Vinci Code: View from an Esoteric Perspective” Bangor
25th June “ Consciousness, Transpersonal & Transformative States of 
 Spiritual Experience” Colwyn Bay
24th June “ Basic Principles of Sacred Geometry” Chester site
27th jun Conference Scott Olsen Merseyside (as shown above)

28th June “Alchemy: The Great Work of Spiritual Transformation” Bolton site
 9th – 10th Oct Southern Federation Conference (provisional) Sidmouth
18th – 23rd Oct. European School of Theosophy Birmingham

17th-19th April 2015, Trans-Pennine Weekend is at Whalley Abbey

The theme for this weekend is

“Many Paths to Enlightenment”

The guest speaker is Peter Barton.


Whalley Abbey(link) is a Retreat and Conference House set in the stunning grounds and ruins of a 14th Century Cistercian Abbey on the banks of the River Calder in the beautiful countryside of the Ribble Valley, andwith easy access to motorway and rail networks.

25th October 2014 – Autumn Conference in Merseyside.

Timetable of the Autumn Conference, on Saturday 25th October,at





This talk describes what happens when a Soul may decide to accelerate its own evolution back to the Divine after hundreds of normal lives on Earth and discuss Re-incarnation, salient features of the Path, Initiations, the Soul’s purpose. Etc. with quotes from Blavatsky, Mabel Collins, Dion Fortune, Krishnamurti, Sri Ram Geoffrey Hodson, Douglas Baker

3. pm Refreshments This is a ‘Bring and Share’ Vegetarian Tea.




If we cannot work out our own Soul’s purpose for us in this life, then we may live in vain, at least to some extent. This talk covers the more philosophical aspects of the purpose of human evolution in general as well as more specific issues and touches on re-incarnation, karma, dharma and the possible avenues for ascertaining the ‘purpose’.


For further details telephone:

01282 42278 or 0151 638 5390

mlagold “at” yahoo.co.uk or hcarroll1 “at” ntlworld.com

Sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies: www.theosophy.org.uk

Registered Charity No 1014648