Bolton meetings Spring/Summer 2014

January 26.     AGM (1.30 pm) and New Year Party

February 9      There’s no Religion Higher than Truth
Wayne Gatfield

February 23    Raja Yoga:The Science of Soul Enlightenment
Cate McMahon

March 9.         Once you’re dead you’re made for Life!
Tim Wyatt

March 23.       Spheres of Light Workshop
Philip Wade

April 13          The Power of Sound: The Vibrancy of Silence.
Cynthia Trasi

April 27           Karma and the Spiritual Laws of Action.
Swami Yogeshwarananda

May. 11.         White Lotus Day
Music, Meditations, Readings

May 25           Evolution: Man and Atlantis.
Darren Duffy

June 8.           Seership from Ancient Times to Modern Days.
Susan Leybourne

June 22.         Two paths on Lifes’s Journey.
Maureen Ford

July  13          My Journey from Dogmatic Silence to Open Faith
Graham Greenhall ( Unitarian)