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Wanted: a TS member who knows how to use a wordprocessor, and email, to accept some training (and ongoing supervision), and take over the running of the nwfederation.org.uk network. As a byproduct of this, you will learn enough to run your own websites, forums and blogs, and have the benefit of an experienced mentor (me!) to check things out with.
Email webmaster “at” nwfederation.org.uk and we’ll have a chat.

27th Oct 2012: Autumn Conference in Liverpool

The subject of this year’s conference will be:
‘Consider the Implications of being Human.’

First Talk, given by Marian Barton:
In Exploring the Paranormal.

– – – A tea and biscuits break  – – –
Second Talk, Peter Barton:
In Exploring Traditional (mainly theosophical) writings.



The meeting will start at 2.00pm on Saturday 27th,
at: The Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT. (Map) The building is accessible to all, has a lift to all floors, disabled facilities and an induction loop system.

Peter is also giving a further talk to Bolton Lodge on Sunday 28th, entitled: “An exploration through Mystical Poetry.”

Spring Conference June 30th in Liverpool

Ron Wallwork is the Guest Speaker, from London, and he is giving two talks on Saturday:
At 2pm “Hermeticism, The Pagan Gnosticism”
and after a bring-and-share veg. tea:
3.45pm “The Nature of the Cosmos”

The meeting will be at: The Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT. (Map) The building is accessible to all, has a lift to all floors, disabled facilities and an induction loop system. A Poster publicising this talk may be downloaded Here.
About Ron:  an architect, Gnostic, the President of the Blavatsky Lodge, and a Director of the Gnostic Centre of the Theosophical Society in England.

Ron is also giving a talk to the Blackburn lodge on July 1st, (the Sunday) entitled “The Jesus Lecture: Who was he?” Details.



25th – 27th May 2012: Alston Hall Weekend

There are a few places left for this weekend, on “Reincarnation, Karma and the Seven Rays.” Stay the weekend, or attend as a day-delegate. You can download a program and a registration form from here for printing out, or phone the organiser, Maureen Atkinson (01282 422278) for copies through the post.

A map and directions to Alston Hall is available on their website (link).

Please note the stayover and day registration fees include (vegetarian) meals and incidental tea/coffee breaks. Alston Hall insist that all conference delegates have their meals provided in-house, which accounts for the apparently higher day cost than usual. No picnics, we are afraid! – Alston Hall are a well-known wedding destination, however, and the quality of their food is said to be excellent.


Ted Capstick is the Guest Speaker, and all the talks, discussions and workshops are fully described on the program.  Titles included:

“The Keys to the Kingdom” by Cynthia Trasi

“3 Keys to Divine Wisdom” Maureen Ford

“Energy Dynamic of the Seven Rays” Teresa Keast

“The Wisdom of Soul-Based Astrology” Ted Capstick

“Reincarnation and Karmic Transformation” Wayne Gatfield

“The Path of Self Knowledge” Cate McMahon

“Rainbow Psychology: The Path to Self Knowledge Through The Seven Rays” Ted Capstick

“Karma and Unconditional Love” Eric McGough

“The Flame of Divine Wisdom” Hugh Agnew

and exercise and meditation workshops, and social events.

We are grateful to The Foundation For Theosophical Studies, who are sponsoring this event.


Full access to the building and grounds is included.



All Public Meetings are held at 22 School Lane, Liverpool 1 3BT on Saturdays at 2.00pm

Saturday 10th March “The Heart of the Matter” Speaker-Cynthia Trasi

Saturday 21st April “Once Your Dead You’re Made For Life” Speaker-Tim Wyatt

Saturday 12th May “Spiritual Developement and the Soul Infused Personality” Speaker-Ted Capstick

Saturday 9th June “The Mind Is Buddha” Speaker- Wayne Gatfield




Saturday March 17th

Saturday April 14th

Saturday June 16th

All enquiries to:Mrs J. Agnew: 0151 3273872

For furher informtion email hugh.agnew1@btinternet.com