2018 North West Federation Christmas Event Saturday 24 November

North West Federation Christmas Event Saturday 24 November 

This will be held at the Friends Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3 BT at 1.30 pm

This is an annual social event in the Christmas Spirit with a bring and share vegetarian tea and a gift stall and raffle to raise funds for the Theosophical Order of Service, the practical side of Theosophy.

All Welcome

Please come along if you can

Transpennine Weekend 8th -10th June 2018

At Whalley Abbey.

Residential Bookings have now sold out, although you are still welcome as a day visitor.






FRIDAY 8th June


4.00pm- REGISTRATION – See Registrar:


6.30pm – Dinner



8.15pm – “The Flame of Truth”

Hugh Agnew

Chairman: Wayne


7.00am Stroll or Yoga with Jenny

8.00am – MEDITATION -Maureen

8.15am Breakfast

 9.15am “The Journey of the Fool”

Noeline Hart

Chairman: Isabelle



11.15am – ANNOUNCEMENTS, Followed By:

Guest Speaker: Gary Kidgell

The Grail Quest” (Part 1)

Chairman: Hugh

12.30pm Lunch


3pm “One Step Leads to Another”

Cynthia Trasi

Chairman: Karen C

4.pm Refreshments

4.30pm “Sources of the Arthurian


Ted Capstick

Chairman: Maureen F

6.30pm– Dinner

8.30pmTheosophical Evening

SUNDAY 10th June

7.00am Stroll or Yoga with Jenny

8.00am – MEDITATION – Jenny

8.15am – Breakfast

9.15am “Choose Your Path with Care”

Jenny Baker

Chairman: Chris L

10.30am – Refreshments


11.00am – Guest Speaker: Gary Kidgell

The Grail Quest” (Part 2)

Chairman: Hugh

12.30pm – Lunch


1.45pm “The Beacon Light of Truth”

Wayne Gatfield

Federation Vice President & Chairman

with Closing Thoughts:


Refreshments and Farewells


Recordings of the Talks by: CD (£3); DVD (£5) can be ordered at the bookstall.


Whalley Abbey is a former Cistercian abbey in Whalley, Lancashire, England. After the dissolution of the monasteries, the abbey was largely demolished and a country house was built on the site. In the 20th century the house was modified and it is now the Retreat and Conference House of the Diocese of Blackburn. The ruins of the abbey have been designated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The North West Federation week-end is a residential event that takes place in the North West and is organised by the North Western Federation. It is held to encourage togetherness in the study of Theosophy.

The week-end is supported by The Foundation for Theosophical Studies, an educational charity, whose aims are to help people understand and discover the essential truths at the heart of all philosophy, science and spirituality especially the fundamental unity of all people.

The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) was founded by Dr Annie Besant in February 1908 and celebrated a hundred years of service in 2008. All donations and funds raised are channelled towards humanitarian work and the promotion of harmony and understanding. The motto –

A Union of Those who Love

In the Service of All that Suffer’

N.W. Federation Autumn Conference Saturday 28 October

We are pleased to welcome Leslie Price from London to the Autumn Conference this year.

Leslie Price is the founder and associate editor of “Theosophical History’ and ‘Psypioneer” Journals.  He is also past editor of “The Christian Parapsychologist” Journal.

He was the secretary of the first Society for Psychical Research in 1977, and served on the SPR’s Library Ctte and as a member of council, and is currently an honorary member.

There will be two talks at Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool, L3 1BT


HPB made numerous contributions to the revised history of Humanity, especially in her great work “The Secret Doctrine.”  The study of history can be both inspiring and disillusioning and we can learn on the Spiritual Path from the successes and failures of those who have gone before.



The 3rd Object of the Theosophical Society founded in 1875 was to investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.  How does this differ from the work of the Society for Psychical Research or the practise of Magic or Psychism? This talk illustrates the distinctive theosophical approach, and some pitfalls to be avoided.

For further details, please ring Maureen on 01282 422278 or Heather on 0151 638 5390

or email mla.gold@yahoo.co.uk

All welcome



Southport Astrology Group

The Astrology group meet on the first Wednesday of the month at ‘Rainbow’s End Centre for Mind Body and Spirit’ .The group are all astrologers and have many years experience between them, but, beginners are always warmly welcomed and natal charts can be provided.The group are currently looking at the Progressed Sun in their birth charts as well as current transits.


March 2017

There will be a repeat of the course ‘An Introduction to Astrology’starting in March 2017 This course is aimed at beginners who wish to understand their own birthchart and the focus will be on Self Awareness.Charts and resources will be provided. For further information contact noeline@live.co.uk

Astrology Workshop for Beginners 2017

The next Astrology for Beginners workshop will take place on Saturday March 19th 2017.

The focus will be ‘Self Awareness through the birth chart’. We will look at how the Natal chart shows the patterns of energies that we are working with and how we express them in our daily lives. Attendees will also have an opportunity use their own natal charts to understand the meaning of the Sun and Moon placements in their charts and how they are expressed in their own lives. All Personal birth charts and resources will be provided. For further details contact noeline@live.co.uk


Spring Conference Saturday 24 June 2 pm Preston Quaker Meeting House

We are pleased to welcome as our Conference Speaker this year Cynthia Trasi from Bradford.

          Cynthia will be giving two talks…..

The first at 2pm is “Timeless Moments: Glimpses of the Divine”

“A timeless moment is a moment of Epiphany when for a slice in time we gasp in wonder at the immensity and power of the Divine.  We will look at common charecteristics & different interpretations of such moments. 

3.00pm Bring and Share Vegetarian Tea.


Talk Two: 3.45pm  “Synchronicity: Unlocking Inner Potential”

We have all experienced events that might be considered amazing or uncanny.  The “little voice” deep inside, or that gut feeling, are forms of communication that usually turn out to be well worth heeding. We can come to influence those forces and create our own set of coincidences – if we pay attention!” 

Quaker Meeting House, St.Georges Road, PRESTON PR1 6NQ

Further details Maureen Atkinson 01282 422278 or mla.gold@yahoo.co.uk

Fiona Odgren Visits Liverpool Saturday 13 May and Bolton 14 May

NORTH WEST FEDERATION of the Theosophical Society in ENGLAND are very pleased to hold

Fiona Odgren is originally English and has lived in Victoria DC, Canada since she was 23.

She met her spiritual mentor, lifelong partner and husband who introduced her to the Mahatma Letters.…Life was never the same again.
Her talks at Liverpool are…..

“The Saga of the Mahatma Letters and Their Relevance Today”

“The Teachings of the Masters on Chelaship and the Spiritual Path”

Her Book will be on sale at Liverpool and the meeting at Bolton the day after.

SATURDAY, 13TH MAY, 2017​​ at 2 pm


Fiona will also be talking at Bolton 14 May at 2.30 pm

“Insights from the Masters for the Modern Day Seeker” 

We meet at Bank Street Chapel School Room, Crown Street or Bank street, BOLTON BL1 2RU



A Special Event

The Path into the Mysteries


This talk is designed to help people understand the prerequisites that guide an individual into the mysteries of enlightenment. The ancient principles governing the Path will be closely examined, as well as the changing nature of consciousness that inevitably occurs at each step leading to enlightenment and liberation. The formulas for initiation, methods to free oneself from the veils of illusion that cloud the mind from recognizing the soul, and the opening of the Eye of Vision (third eye) are just a few of the many topics presented. This presentation is most suitable for people who realise that an understanding of the Path is helpful when trying to walk it.

This event is hosted by the Southport Branch of the Theosophical Society and our guest speaker is William Meader, a very popular, international lecturer, who is a deep student of the Theosophical teachings.

When:   November 9th 2016

Time:    6.45pm – 9.30pm (refreshments provided during the break)

Cost:     £10 (pre-booking advised to reserve a seat)

 Venue:  Friends Meeting House (Liverpool)

22 School Lane
Liverpool, L1 3BT 

Further Information:  Noeline Hart   Email: noeline@live.co.uk or tel:07854110800