July 12 Hidden Forces and Latent Human Powers

imageWe welcome Tim Wyatt from Bradford Lodges as the speaker this week to Bolton.

His talk is entitled “Hidden Forces and Latent Human Powers”



Everything is consciousness masquerading as energy and matter. Science has identified four main forces – electro-magnetic, gravity and strong- and weak-nuclear. As yet unseen by the microscope or particle accelerator are other exotic subtle energies identified by esoteric seekers down the ages and which science has yet to re-discover. These go by such names as etheric energy, kundalini, fohat, prana and ch’i. The Ageless Wisdom has always recognised how these subtle yet powerful energies shape and power the universe and everything in it. Science, too, is beginning to gain a greater understanding of forces it has neither been able to see, categorise or measure but this will change. Etheric energy especially offers huge potential for mankind – providing it isn’t harnessed for military purpose or crass commercial gain.

All welcome. 2.30 pm start. Refreshments provided

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank Street or Crown Street, BOLTON BL1 1TS