June 25 “Cycles of Eternity ” Tim Wyatt

The speaker at this Sundays meeting at 2.30 pm is Tim Wyatt from Leeds Lodge.

He has recently had another book published called “Cycles Of Eternity” ….Summary Below

“Getting to grips with eternity and understanding its interlocking laws can be a tough old business.

But don’t worry there is a solution both for newcomers and seasoned practitioners of the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

Author and ex-journalist Tim Wyatt has condensed the essential ingredients of Theosophy into an internationally-acclaimed book Cycles Of Eternity.

In this talk he will be exploring how the many cycles of life – some lasting fractions of a second and others trillions of years – are crucial to the evolution of the cosmos and ourselves as members of the human project.

Everything from a sub-atomic particle to a galaxy mirrors this pattern.

Nothing escapes its grip.

Find out more”

All Welcome. Refreshments Provided. £3 minimum Donation please

Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank St or Crown St entrances BOLTON BL1 2RU