Mar 23rd “Spheres of Light Workshop” Philip Wade

Philip Wade, co- founder of Spheres of Light will be running a workshop at Bolton Theosophy Group, on March 23rd at 2.30pmphilip wade

Spheres Of Light is a profoundly simple, yet powerful, spiritual gift here to aid in Elevating Human Consciousness.

Spheres Of Light is an energetic bridge to pure consciousness that is both within and around us – rather like the fabric of the universe!

It is here for all of humanity. If you are looking for personal, growth, transformation, change and shift in your consciousness – this is for you.

This gift will assist you on your spiritual journey home to the innate beauty within YOU.

Spheres Of Light is accessed by a heart-based intention alone.

Unique to you!

As you ‘listen’ to and follow the inner messages you receive you become your own most effective teacher and spiritual guide.

Engaging with Spheres Of Light raises your consciousness bringing spiritual-growth, insight and healing consistent with the shifts you make.

This all unfolds in a way that is unique to you which could be anything from immediately noticeable energetic effects to a slower unfolding.

It also creates a chain reaction via a process akin to osmosis for all of humanity.

By engaging with Spheres Of Light we are following Gandhi’s advice to “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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All Welcome. Refreshments.  £3 or more Donation gratefully accepted.

Bank Street Unitarian School Room, Crown street or Bank Street, BOLTON, BL1 2RU