Nov 10th, 2013: “Seership from the Ancient World to Modern Times”


This talk will be given by by practising medium and clairvoyant Susan Leybourne, from Leeds.

From Susan’s website: Susan-leybourne

As far back as I can remember, As soon as I could think, I thought about God, the Spirit World and how to communicate more fully with that World. I have always been fascinated by the Mysteries of the Universe, the Spiritual planes and communication between the Worlds, my guides encouraged me and taught me, and helped me to learn and I spent a great deal of time, meditating, contemplating thinking, asking questions of my guides and listening to their answers.

As soon as I could read, I made it my business to read about Spirituality, Mysticism, Ancient religions, Magic,Divination, Spirit contact and the traditions behind these ideas and practices. Armed with a regular supply of Library books on everything esoteric, my guides helped me to understand the concepts being conveyed in the books I might not have understood otherwise.