NWFederation Conference 28th June 2014

Saturday 28 th June in Southport, Starting around 11.00am

sbaylissSusan Bayliss
11.30 am Ancient Truths – Modern Secrets

There are many myths about the ancient mysteries and secret societies. In exploring some
of these ‘myths’ and ‘secrets’ we learn how the Esoteric Teachings can help us to unlock the meaning of life and enrich our own spiritual journey. We can turn the key to the thread of truth concealed in scriptures, symbols, myths and rituals.

1.45 pm – 4.30 pm Spiritual Sound, Transformation and Empowerment
Every piece of music has different qualities of sound and vibration which we can harness to awaken a further dimension to our practice of meditation and spiritual awareness. This experiential workshop will explore mantra and cosmic vibration, and the use of music in meditation, relaxation, transformation and empowerment.

£8 including Buffet

Lunch 12.30 – 1.30. Tea/coffee 11 am.

Venue: Methodist Church, Liverpool Road, Southport, PR8 4PD. (Directions link)

For further details telephone: 01282 422278 or 0151 638 5390
mla.gold “at” yahoo.co.uk or  hcarroll1 “at” ntlworld.com
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