“The Hero in us All” Wayne Gatfield February 12 th

Our First meeting of 2017 is by our Lodge President Wayne Gatfield.

Its entitled “The Hero in us All” 


Wayne says:

” The hero in us all is our Higher Self, our Spiritual nature, which covers many lives undergoes trials and temptations as reflected in stories and legends throughout time. In this talk we explore the hero in us and how we can come to realise its presence in our lives today.”

We begin at 2.30pm.

Everyone Welcome. Refreshments Provided.

£3 minimum donation please.


Bank Street Chapel School Room, Crown St or Bank St entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU



Spring / Summer 2017 Bolton Programme of events

Bolton 2017 dates

Jan 22. Lodge AGM

Feb. 12. Wayne Gatfield “The Hero in us all ” *

Feb. 26. Gilly Czerwonka
“Discover your true self by using the Human Design System”
(Part 2: How our energies interact with the people around us.)

Mar. 12. Julian Websdale. “An overview of Gnosticism”

Mar. 26. Don Atkinson Title to be arranged

Apr. 09. Steve Nuttall. “The Royal Road”

Apr. 23. Tony McNeile. ” The Rosicrucian Mystery”

May. 14. Fiona Ogden ” Insights from the Masters and the Modern Day Seeker” *

May 28. White Lotus day

Jun. 11. Kath Mugan “Channelling & Early Theosophical Teachings”

Jun. 25. Tim Wyatt “Cycles of Eternity”
(copies of Tims new book will be available for sale)

July. 9. Mike Pendragon “The “G” word – Has organised religion given God a bad name?”

27th November 2016 – Applied Magic: A World Healing Process

An experiential talk with David Solomon.

Rapid and balanced spiritual development, we are taught, is through the three pronged approach of

  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Study of spiritual works, and
  • Service to humanity.

The World Healing Process is an example of Service to humanity, using Meditation/Prayer, and so this technique of Applied Magic is a great help to any aspirant who wishes to serve humanity in periods of personal seclusion.


David will describe techniques for World Healing from several spiritual traditions. We will look for the parts of these traditions that are common to all, hence essential to us.

A secular technique will be taught that can be used by all, religious and non-religious alike. Suggestions for tailoring the process to fit a devotional practitioner will also be discussed.

World Healing of course includes personal healing, and some suggestions of how this technique might be used in self- healing meditations will be included, as well as in sessions with clients (David works as a counsellor and psychotherapist in private practice, online and in Chorley).

13 November TAROT: The Astrology of the Minor Arcana. Mick Frankel

The talk this Sunday, 13 November 2016 at 2.30 pm is by Mick Frankel and is entitled

“Tarot: The Astrology of the Minor Arcana”.


Mick is an established Astrologer and Tarot Reader and his website can be found at




We look forward to hearing his continued exploration into the links between Tarot and Astrology.


All Welcome

Refreshments Provided.

2.30pm Bank Street Chapel School Room, Bank Street or Crown Street entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU

£3 minimum donation please


A Special Event

The Path into the Mysteries


This talk is designed to help people understand the prerequisites that guide an individual into the mysteries of enlightenment. The ancient principles governing the Path will be closely examined, as well as the changing nature of consciousness that inevitably occurs at each step leading to enlightenment and liberation. The formulas for initiation, methods to free oneself from the veils of illusion that cloud the mind from recognizing the soul, and the opening of the Eye of Vision (third eye) are just a few of the many topics presented. This presentation is most suitable for people who realise that an understanding of the Path is helpful when trying to walk it.

This event is hosted by the Southport Branch of the Theosophical Society and our guest speaker is William Meader, a very popular, international lecturer, who is a deep student of the Theosophical teachings.

When:   November 9th 2016

Time:    6.45pm – 9.30pm (refreshments provided during the break)

Cost:     £10 (pre-booking advised to reserve a seat)

 Venue:  Friends Meeting House (Liverpool)

22 School Lane
Liverpool, L1 3BT 

Further Information:  Noeline Hart   Email: noeline@live.co.uk or tel:07854110800

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda – Film – October 23

The meeting this week will be an attempt at our first film show.

We are showing the recent film about the life of Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the “Self-Realization Fellowship”……


Three objects of which are:-

To disseminate among the nations a knowledge of definite scientific techniques for attaining direct personal experience of God.
To teach that the purpose of life is the evolution, through self-effort, of man’s limited mortal consciousness into God Consciousness;
To encourage “plain living and high thinking”; and to spread a spirit of brotherhood among all peoples by teaching the eternal basis of their unity: kinship with God.

He is the author of one of my favourite books “Autobiography of a Yogi”

It’s about 90 mins long so we may have a break in the middle.

Begins 2.30pm

All welcome

£3 minimum donation

School Room, Bank street Chapel, Crown St or Bank St entrances, Bolton BL1 2RU

October 9 “Is there life after death?” Roy Forman

The talk this Sunday 9 October is by Roy Forman and is entitled
Is there life after death?”


Roy is a medium and well known in the Lancashire area for his readings and sittings.

The meeting starts at 2.30 pm.

All Welcome

Refreshments Provided

Donations Requested £3 minimum


Bank Street Unitarian Chapel School Room, Bank Street or Crown Street entrances, BOLTON BL1 2RU