Practical Ideas for Service

During the Spring conference, these were suggested as practical ideas for service.

“Interior” Service:

The Search for Spiritual Enlightenment, to exalt oneself, and thereby exalt all.

World-Healing meditations: eg the ITC world healing process; The Lucis Trust Triangles.

Self Healing “clearing the beams from our own eyes”

Acting “as if” and setting a good example.

“Exterior” Service – things to do.

The Theosophical Order of Service  run by theosophists with very low overhead costs.

Medecins Sans Frontiers – run with low overheads, around 11% admin and fundraising costs.

Amnesty International – for letter writing as well as other charitable support. –  32% goes on admin and fundraising costs, but you can just write letters and send emails which require no donation except time and/or a stamp.

Free Tibet! – Like amnesty, an organisation which will take donations, but also provide you with addresses to email and write to. It is non-profit making, but information on it’s finances are not given on the website.

Greenpeace – ecology watchers and activists. One can donate, volunteer, or help in campaigns by writing/emailing. Again, non-profit, but information on their finances is not given on the website.

The Salvation Army – with a portfolio that includes helping in our own neighbourhoods Homeless people, Trafficking victims, Unemployed people, Reuniting families, Older people, Parents and children, Addiction support, Food poverty, Emergency services, and International development. Expenditure on raising funds is under 20% of the total, and of course this total doesn’t include the immense amount of voluntary work that is done by the members locally and day-to-day.

I will be adding other items to this list as time permits.

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currently David Solomon