Spring / Summer 2017 Bolton Programme of events

Bolton 2017 dates

Jan 22. Lodge AGM

Feb. 12. Wayne Gatfield “The Hero in us all ” *

Feb. 26. Gilly Czerwonka
“Discover your true self by using the Human Design System”
(Part 2: How our energies interact with the people around us.)

Mar. 12. Julian Websdale. “An overview of Gnosticism”

Mar. 26. Don Atkinson Title to be arranged

Apr. 09. Steve Nuttall. “The Royal Road”

Apr. 23. Tony McNeile. ” The Rosicrucian Mystery”

May. 14. Fiona Ogden ” Insights from the Masters and the Modern Day Seeker” *

May 28. White Lotus day

Jun. 11. Kath Mugan “Channelling & Early Theosophical Teachings”

Jun. 25. Tim Wyatt “Cycles of Eternity”
(copies of Tims new book will be available for sale)

July. 9. Mike Pendragon “The “G” word – Has organised religion given God a bad name?”