27th November 2016 – Applied Magic: A World Healing Process

An experiential talk with David Solomon.

Rapid and balanced spiritual development, we are taught, is through the three pronged approach of

  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Study of spiritual works, and
  • Service to humanity.

The World Healing Process is an example of Service to humanity, using Meditation/Prayer, and so this technique of Applied Magic is a great help to any aspirant who wishes to serve humanity in periods of personal seclusion.


David will describe techniques for World Healing from several spiritual traditions. We will look for the parts of these traditions that are common to all, hence essential to us.

A secular technique will be taught that can be used by all, religious and non-religious alike. Suggestions for tailoring the process to fit a devotional practitioner will also be discussed.

World Healing of course includes personal healing, and some suggestions of how this technique might be used in self- healing meditations will be included, as well as in sessions with clients (David works as a counsellor and psychotherapist in private practice, online and in Chorley).